About Tepoztlan

Tepoztlan is a small, beautiful Mexican village nestled in the foothills and valley of the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range, just 50 miles south of  Mexico City… but in a world all its own.

It’s natural beauty, temperate climate and friendly natives make it a very special place. The mountains are steep, rugged and uniquely shaped… said to offer magical and spiritual qualities. The town itself has been designated by the Mexican government as one of a select group of Pueblos Magicos. It was here that Oscar Wild based his classic study of Life in a Mexican Village.

On the weekends it is crowded with visitors who come to take in the natural beauty and spiritual ambient, from the scores of stalls on Revolucion street offering everything from herbal remedies to lovely hand-made dresses and a wide variety of handicrafts, to a long hike up the steep Tepozteco mountain to the pre-Hispanic temple atop said to have “positive energy forces.”

The town square has it’s traditional kiosk and overlooks the spacious public market full of  fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices and herbs and a native version of fast food eateries with delicious hand-made tortillas, quesadillas, tlacoyos, cesina, and pozole. Adjacent is the massive, fortress-like Dominican Monastery, the principal church in town with an adjoining museum.

The town has a variety of good restaurants, beautiful small hostelries and during the rainy season majestic waterfalls and small streams and rivers. It is a favorite weekend getaway for many from Mexico City,  but has a growing corps of  residents from writers, artists, therapists and musicians to young entrepreneurs and well-heeled businessmen who cherish the privacy and tranquility of living here.

It’s a town steeped in tradition and mysticism… a truly amazing place to visit or live.

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