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This property is very well located next to the mountain and near Buena Vibra, resort.

It is a large garden with lots of space to walk and attractive natural vegetation. And the views of the mountains are spectacular. The entire property is bordered with an attractive stone wall. There also exists a cement foundation of 450 square meters which could be used to construct a large house of 600m2 or two houses 350 m2 each.

Looking down from the entrance of the property there is no construction that would impair the gorgeous view.

The owner has another 1,818 meters of adjacent land called Chalet Tepozteco very attractive. It has two bedrooms, two baths, living room and a very spacious terrace.There is a ”temazcal" on the property as well as a water tank (cisterna) of 110,000 liters. On the other side of the street entrance is the national park, which is beautiful and restricted from any construction: $15,150,000 pesos


Location:Valle de Atongo
Sale Price:5,900,000
Lot Area (sq. m):1,418